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All movies at Landlocked are free to attend with the exception of those shown below with prices given. The generosity of our community sponsors and the hard work of our all-volunteer festival team makes this possible.

The following movies are the ONLY movies that will require a ticket or an all-access movie pass to enter. You may buy tickets in the Englert lobby throughout the fest, or in advance online through Brown Paper Tickets, a respected and secure online service used by hundreds of festivals and events around the U.S. There is a small service charge when buying tickets (about $1.35 per ticket or slightly more for the Movie Pass). Tickets can be purchased securely using a major credit card, and paper tickets will be mailed to your address.

 Big Time ($5 matinee special)
       4:30pm Sat Aug 27 Englert
       Click for film description

 Cadaver Christmas ($7)
       9:15pm Sat Aug 27 Englert
       Click for film description

 Country School: One Room - One Nation ($7)
       7:00pm Thu Aug 25 Englert
       Click for film description

 eCupid ($7)
       7:15pm Fri Aug 26 Englert
       Click for film description

 Freestyle: The Victories of Dan Gable ($7)
       6:00pm Sun Aug 28 Englert
       Click for film description

 The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue ($7)
       9:15pm Fri Aug 26 Englert
       Click for film description

 Paradise Recovered ($7)
       8:15pm Fri Aug 26 Bijou
       Click for description

 Popatopolis ($7)
       9:00pm Thu Aug 25 Englert
       Click for film description

 White Knight ($7)
       7:00pm Sat Aug 27 Englert
       Click for film description


Bearer admitted to all ticketed movies ($35)

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, all movies not listed above are free to attend! Just show up a few minutes early and go on in.


Since 2009, the Green Carpet has been a fixture at Landlocked. We're not fancy enough in emerald-green Iowa to have a red carpet, so instead we have a green carpet. This is a chance for you to meet the filmmakers on the carpet in front of the Englert on Saturday evening. Bring your camera and take pictures!

WORKSHOPS - All workshops and panels are FREE, no registration needed

Clay Westervelt
True Lies: The Art & Artifice of Documentary Filmmaking

Award-winning director and cinematographer Clay Westervelt has worked in both high- and low-budget documentaries and television, and will lead a seminar discussing a variety of styles in filmmaking techniques. Topics include lighting styles, interview styles, camera and format choices, audio considerations, and editorial ethics. If you're a fan of nonfiction TV and film, and certainly if you're planning your own documentary, be sure to check it out! (Clips and examples will be shown.)

Saturday, August 27, 2011
10am to noon
hotelVetro Plaza Room 1

Ask Hasselbalch (L) and
Sonny Lahey (R)
Make Your Own Film School

A seminar on the learning-by-doing way of high-quality filmmaking for industry professionals, aspiring filmmakers, and students, presented by Ask Hasselbalch and Sonny Lahey, bot
h members of Super16, an association of filmmakers formed in 1999 in Denmark. Both work in the film and video industry in Europe. Whether you are a professional editor wanting to switch to directing, a location scout turned wanna-be producer or a young talent with hardly any credits to your name, this seminar may very well inspire you to seek out your peers, get organized and learn the craft while doing what you love the most – making the films that will serve as a calling card for you when breaking into the business!

Saturday, August 27, 2011
1pm to 3pm
hotelVetro Plaza Room 1

FILMMAKER PANEL: Adventures in Indie Filmmaking

Jesse Baget
Jesse Baget, writer-director of White Knight

Landlocked is pleased to feature Jesse Baget, a rising star as a writer-director.

With White Knight under his belt, he just wrapped Breathless with Val Kilmer, Gina Gershon and Ray Liotta. His next feature will be Mississippi Wild, with Dakota Fanning, Robert Duvall, Forest Whitaker, Mickey Rourke and Ryan Donowho attached.

This will be a free-flowing discussion between Jesse and the audience. The general public is welcome to attend and meet Jesse.

Saturday, August 27, 2011
3pm to 4pm
hotelVetro Plaza Room 1


Englert Theatre

The Englert Theatre opened in downtown Iowa City on September 26, 1912, to rival the finest stage and movie houses throughout the Midwest. The Englert was nearly lost around the turn of the century until the community joined forces to save and renovate it. In 2004, the Englert Theatre reopened for live performance for the first time in more than 60 years.

Since the first year of Landlocked, the Englert has served as our flagship venue.
Bijou Theatre

The Bijou Cinema is a non-profit, student-run cinema screening independent, art house, foreign, and classic cinema. Established in 1972, the Bijou Cinema has built a reputation as one of the preeminent student-run theaters in the nation.

Landlocked is thrilled to partner with this exceptional movie venue for 2010 and 2011.
Iowa City Public Library

The Iowa City Public Library was established in 1896 and has served the community from a downtown location ever since. The library's expanded and renovated facility opened June 12, 2004. The original building on the site opened in June 1981. The building grew from 47,000 to 81,276 square feet.

Screenings are held in Room A just off the street-level lobby.

The Vetro has been a Landlocked partner from our inception. We will be using Plaza Room 1 for workshops and the Ballroom for screening movies.

Shown: Vetro Ballroom

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